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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Consultation & Licensing Business started in 2016 as a way to help nurses and therapists start their own Homecare Agency, working with different populations such as the elderly, those with developmentally disabilities and other special needs groups. We help nurses, doctors, therapists, even CNAs and HHAs to attain this dream. As long as you have an entrepreneurial vision, a clear Level 2 Background Screen, and you can lead others, we found our consultation packages to be the key to making this business goal happen for many people.

Our offices are located in sunny Florida where the Silver Boom is surging. This is a phenomenon that became apparent many years ago that people retire to Florida, and now with COVID, the growth rate has never been higher.

As your businesses grew, so did ours, and now we expanded to cover most of North America with few exceptions. We understand the licensing process in your State may be confusing, so we revised our program to meet your needs.

Call today to learn more or visit our PACKAGES page.

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