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  • What is
    We are a FULL-SERVICE consultation service helping CNAs, HHAs, RN, MD etc. open a Homecare Agency, Nurse Registry, PPEC, Health Clinic, and more. First step is Enrollment. We help you with the 30-120 day application process. The Enrollment process can be confusing, preventing many qualified, excellent caregivers from ever attaining this dream. And your boss will never tell you how to get ahead and earn a better rate. So we developed this consultation service.
  • Who should become a Provider?
    Anyone who has entrepreneurial insight and preferably with at least one year of experience with special populations. The following is a brief list of the professionals who should open a Homecare Agency: -CNA, HHA, PT, OT, RBT, LPN, RN, ARNP, MSW -DIRECT CARE STAFF IN GROUP HOMES - SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS/RETIRED TEACHERS - PARENTS OF KIDS W/ SPECIAL NEEDS
  • What happens after I purchase a Package?
    You will receive an email with next steps for you, for us, and everything you need to begin. This includes ALL NECESSARY FORMS & REQUIRED DOCUMENTS NEEDED we will be using throughout the process. We will be submitting everything on your behalf, but we want you to have a record as well of all documentation. Any questions you have relating to being a Agency Provider, call, text, or email anytime and we will be there with personalized support to help. We help make sure your applications are completed correctly the first time!
  • How long does the process take?
    You can expect approval within 30-120 days after you submit to the State Licensing Offices.
  • How can becoming a Provider help my career?
    If you are qualified to work for a caregiving agency, then you are qualified to own one as well. Why keep making your boss all the money? With this license, you have access to bill clients directly, no agencies! You can bill the SAME rate that the agencies are billing with these licenses. You can achieve financial independence and set your own schedule with your clients. Also, if you have an existing business and wish to expand your services, we are here to assist.
  • Are there any required trainings?
    There are some required trainings, such as CPR, Zero Tolerance, HIPAA, etc. ALF Administrators have required trainings. Some classes are free through the State. Some are included in our packages. Some are offered by private trainers.
  • How do I get clients?
    Every Client Has A Case Manager. Once you are licensed, we can help you build your Client caseload, referring you to local discharge planners, Social Workers, Support Coordinators, Case Managers, Clinic Coordinators, etc. We also assist with building your Private Pay caseload by helping you meet these case workers at rehab clinics, hospitals, hospice, and even local senior centers. We also assist with marketing solutions, business development, billing, and compliance.
  • I know a lot of CNAs who may want to own a Homecare Business Do you have a referral program?
    Yes we have an amazing success rate with getting people licensed. Every person you refer and who purchases our services, you will receive $50-$2000. Just give us your PayPal/Zelle info!
  • How do I bill? Will I get a 1099?
    As a Provider, you will bill online directly. The State will Direct Deposit all Medicaid Providers once a week. All Private Pay Clients normally pay you with a check each week or month. You will get a 1099 at the end of the year.


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